I was sitting in the AC today watching a Serena Williams match. She’s put on a little extra weight over the Christmas period it would seem and most of that seemed to get piled onto her already huge ghetto booty. Some are turned off by her size but man I sat back and enjoyed watching that fat black ass jiggle and bounce around the court.

ghetto booty

You might be wondering what the fuck Serena Williams and her big butt has got to do with the picture of this bootylicious babe. Well, after drooling over Serena I was reminded of some of the massively phat rumps I’ve seen at Extreme Asses. The girl in these pictures is Ayana. She ain’t no tennis player but she’s got a ghetto booty ever bit as plump and juicy as the Williams sisters. I would like to see the fat cheeks poking out of a sexy tennis skirt!!

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